TrailerLinc – The smartest way to focus on your trailers

Where are your trailers right now?

Imagine: Total trailer visibility. For uncoupled and coupled trailers. Wherever they are.


TrailerLinc is a smart system that puts you in control. It tracks the location and utilization of all your trailers in real time, whether being pulled by your own or a subcontractor’s truck, carried by a ferry or train, or left uncoupled. Even rented trailers equipped with TrailerLinc can be monitored and managed.


Here are just some of the ways TrailerLinc benefits your business:

  • Cuts down the risk of trailer or cargo theft
  • Sends automatic notifications to customers on your delivery status
  • Ensures cargoes are heading to the right destination
  • Improves trailer productivity, increases utilization, and uses assets more efficiently.


Smart stand-alone system

TrailerLinc brings smart features only previously found on expensive systems. It sends position reports at regular intervals and, being linked to Astrata’s FleetVisor web portal with possible TMS integration, allows you to track speed and direction on screen in real time. For trucks that already use an Astrata TruckLinc Black Box or driver’s smartphone app (AppLinc), TrailerLinc also communicates within FleetVisor to automatically match a trailer to a truck.


With its internal battery, this simple, robust and reliable stand-alone system works all the time, not just when connected to a truck. The GPS and cellular signals maintain full trailer visibility at all times too – even with only GPRS coverage.


TrailerLinc was designed specifically for trailers. The inconspicuous box, which is IP 69K rated, is extremely rugged and withstands high pressure steam cleaners. It is also very easy to install. There are no expensive sensors or wired connections between truck and trailer. All it needs is a power feed now and then to top up the high capacity battery.


Professional integration

TrailerLinc is built to the exact requirements of fleet owners and operators and designed to for easy integration by our professional partners. Selected integration partners can even implement additional features like EBS data download for predictive maintenance, and refrigerated trailer temperature control for transporting cargoes like fresh food and sensitive pharmaceutical products.

Follow your trailer location and activity at any time


FleetVisor – The smartest way to focus on logistics

Fleet management by Astrata

FleetVisor links all Astrata solutions for transportation and logistics in one single portal. The interface allows you to gain reliable insights on the location and performance of your fleet, for any combination of trucks, trailers or vans. Simply logging-on to our FleetVisor web portal is the best way to get more control, higher fleet efficiency and better use of your assets. The single, web-based overview of all your fleet – including subcontractors – provides real time information, direct communication with drivers, and easily interpreted statistics. Strong analytics and powerful reporting tools are included to give you the critical business insights you need.


Gain control of your fleet

Astrata’s FleetVisor – the logistics industry’s most effective fleet management system – enables cost reduction and process improvements right across your business. It impacts areas that account for 70-85% of your operational costs, and it frequently pays for itself in as little as 8-12 months!

Cost reduction:

Think about how insights into vehicle usage, driver behaviour and navigation could help cut your fuel consumption. Or how increased automation and back-office efficiency could reduce your overhead.

Process improvement:

Consider the productivity benefits of drivers and dispatchers being able to exchange work assignments seamlessly and in real time. Or the advantages of sharing performance reports quickly.

These are just some of the reasons why FleetVisor is the smartest way to focus on logistics. To learn more, visit our FleetVisor webpage or select your impact zone of interest by clicking on one of the icons below to receive more information.